Baptism is the outward visible sign, (in the use of water), of an inward spiritual act of God. It is the visible sign of presenting the Christian Good News, that God sent Jesus Christ, God’s only Son to be our Saviour and our friend. This Good News declares God’s grace and acceptance of us in God’s kingdom of love. It also recognises your child’s inclusion into Christ’s Church. It reminds us that God sent Jesus to die for us and to bring us new life.

The Albert Street Uniting Church regularly conducts baptismal services during our 9am servics.  Our families attend a baptism information session one Saturday morning, usually held on the first Saturday of the every month, between 10am and 12pm. After attending the baptism information session the date of baptism is then arranged with the minister. To book into a baptism session please call us on 07 3071 3060 or contact us via email.

The purpose of the Baptism Information Session is to meet the minister, have a chat about what baptism is about and what happens during the service and to fill in the paperwork. Even if you have had a child baptised with us before, you still need to attend a session for the next child as these sessions are in lieu of the old interview system.

Baptism at Albert Street Uniting

Frequently Asked Questions

Do we have to have Godparents?

You may decide to have Godparents or Sponsors. This is not something you must do, but some people prefer to choose Godparents, who are significant adults involved in the spiritual development of your children.

Where can we park?

Please note that free parking around Albert Street Uniting Church is very limited and usually a long walk. We encourage people to advise their guests to allow time to find parking.King George Square Car Park is the closest to us and has inexpensive weekend rates.

Do we have to pay for the baptism?

No, baptism is a free gift of God’s love and therefore is a free gift from the Church. There will be an offering taken during the service and the proceeds of this offering go to support the ongoing work and ministry of this congregation.  Your donation is a great way of supporting this continuing work.

We really want this to be a special time for the baptised, their family and the people of this congregation. If you have any further questions please contact us on 07 3071 3060.

God bless you as you prepare for this very special event.