Weekly Reflection from Rev Mel


There is song that is sung in Taize worship that says the following, “Keep me God, for I trust in you. You show me the path of life. With you there is fullness of joy.” It is a chant that is sung over and over again, each round of chorus allowing the words to sink more deeply into the soul. As I was praying earlier this week, I found myself repeating these words. Remembering that it is God who keeps me brings great comfort, especially in times of change and transition.

As we begin a new season together, there will undoubtedly be changes that occur and together we will move through them. 2020 has taught just how very capable we are of adapting and changing as it is required. Change can be unsettling and challenging. But those words of comfort sung by the Taize community counteract the perceived threat of change for it reminds the listener that it is God who holds and keeps us, and that God has proven Godself trustworthy time and time again throughout history. In the wake of changing leadership in our church, across Wesley Mission QLD, our state and even far off lands like America.  God remains consistently trustworthy and if we allow, it is God who will continue keep and shape our futures in the wake of every changing landscape. And that my friends, is cause for great celebration!  

Rev Mel Wheeley

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