The Life of Paul

Today is a precursor to a new preaching series we will begin on June 28 called Seasons of Grace that will examine the life and ministry of the Apostle Paul as we travel through the lectionary readings in the Book of Romans.  The Book of Romans is a great place to start when trying to understand some of the implications of the Good News of the Kingdom of God for first century communities… Paul’s letter to the fledging Christian community in Rome covers his theological understanding of such issues as sin and grace and how he imagines life in the spirit… some of the language can be a bit dense at times – and Paul’s style of rhetoric is based on a literary genre that is long forgotten in our contemporary world – but the basic ingredients are all there…  And so from June 28 we shall begin a 12 week journey through Romans as guided by the lectionary – my hope and prayer is that it will help shape our understanding of God and of the community we call church..