Hope is holding on

Today is the third Sunday or our current sermon series – Hope is…

Over the next few weeks leading up to November we will continue to follow the lectionary readings and focus on what they reveal to us about the nature of hope.

We began by talking about the idea that Hope is having enough.  Last week we were challenged with the idea that hope was having nothing. Today we discover that hope is holding on.

Of course – we can’t hold onto everything.  Anyone who has tried to juggle shopping bags while you attempt to open the car door knows that this can be a precarious exercise.  By holding on to the things of God – justice, peace, forgiveness and grace – we are also required to let go of the way of the world – greed, violence, selfishness and fear.

Today we are reminded that hope is found in what we hold on to – and what we let go of – and who it is who holds onto us.