Easter 4

Today is the third Sunday in our new series Becoming Children of God.  Throughout this series – leading up to Pentecost – we have been journeying through the pastoral epistle of 1 John as it appears in the lectionary.   Each week we have been reading through this heart-felt letter from John to this fledgling Christian community.  And we have discovered that these ancient words are just as timely for us today.

Today we discover that we are called to become Children of Faith – that is – we are called to be people whose heart-felt beliefs have helped to shape and form us into disciples of Christ.  Faith isn’t primarily about what we feel or believe – a person’s faith does not reside in their heart or in their head… Faith, as we read in the book of James, is affirmed by the things that we do.. Faith lives in our hands and our feet..  1 John reminds us that faith is a gift from God – and one that we need to cherish and celebrate and put to use.. so let us love, not in word or speech, but in truth and action.

And may we truly become the children of faith the world needs us to be.