Lunchtime Concerts: March 15, 2019

Our free lunchtime concerts are a delight for classical music fans. Starting at 12.30pm and just a short 1/2 hour, they transport you away from the hustle and bustle of Brisbane city.


Pancake Day 2019

Pancake day was a fabulous morning and we raised $480 for our Community meal program in the Valley. A big thank you to Green’s Baking Australia for the generous donation of Pancake shakes for the day. We started at 7am in the morning, giving out pancakes and chatting to our visitors. A big thanks to […]


Epiphany Reflection by Rev Dr Peter Hobson

The liturgical season of Epiphany comes straight after Christmas.  Theologically speaking, the word epiphany refers to a revelation that comes to us from outside of our normal everyday experience.  A sunset can be a moment of epiphany if it somehow unveils for us an experience of God’s beauty, or a conversation can be an epiphany […]