Happy Birthday Peter


Happy Birthday to the Rev. Peter Hobson!

On the 31st of March we celebrated Rev. Peter Hobson Birthday with a surprise Veggie Cake.

Rev. Peter Hobson has been working for the Albert Street Uniting Church for nearly a year and he is known for his wise words, good sense of humor and of his dedication to the community. The staff and Albert Street Uniting Church Community gathered together to commemorate his 50th Birthday with joy, fun, lovely words and special gifts. It was a very special day to everyone and we wish Rev. Peter Hobson a year full of happiness!

Peter’s Veggie Birthday Cake!

As Peter had given up sugar for Lent he was treated to a Veggie Birthday cake! All that raw cauliflower, broccoli, celery and kale goodness. Everyone enjoyed the celebration, especially the guitar shaped card and table runners created by our Sunday School kids.