Friendship and Iftar dinner


Reflection from the evening by Bilge Ozgun:

At Wesley House, Friday, 31 May 2019: It was wonderful where we came together to break our fast and engage in meaningful conversations with Muslim and Non-Muslim communities .

It is all about community, friendship and love. It is a time to strengthen family and community relations and in our multicultural society. It is a time to build bridges, understanding and friendship.

Around the dinner table, we asked each other questions, shared our own stories and experiences and realized that we had so much in common including the very same struggles of staying deeply spiritual. Some Of Christian friends experienced fasting on that day to get a sense of what Muslims around the world were experiencing this month. I heard and experienced the Grace on that night.

I would like to finish this beautiful quote, which stayed with me: “Grace is love that cares and stoops and rescues.”

Sukhran, tesekkurler, blessings to you all!

Bea Skippen, Zehra and Ergun Ozun

Nora Rane and Bilge Ozgun

Omar Al-Saloom, Judeen Airey and Bilge Ozgun

Tred, Dan Skippen and Greg Pietschand

Geoff Batkin and Amar Khan

Peter Hobson, Nora Rane,David Baker, Halim Rane and Janet Staines.

Songs inspired by the Quran and Bible are with soothing melodies that help us to celebrate the beauty of our religions played by Tred, Bilge Ozgun Malindi Morris and Greg Hartay- Szabo.