Epiphany Reflection by Rev Dr Peter Hobson


The liturgical season of Epiphany comes straight after Christmas.  Theologically speaking, the word epiphany refers to a revelation that comes to us from outside of our normal everyday experience.  A sunset can be a moment of epiphany if it somehow unveils for us an experience of God’s beauty, or a conversation can be an epiphany if it reminds us of God’s grace.  Sometimes it can almost seem that modern day epiphanies are recognized in the ‘eye of the beholder’ and that the Divine encounters of our daily lives are inadvertently relegated to ‘greeting card moments’.  But of course the doctrine of the incarnation demands much more of us than sentimentality and rose coloured glasses.

Christians believe that God became one of us in the person of Christ.  The baby born in the manger is a moment in time that transcends all of time – because at this point the eternal stepped into our everyday existence.  If there was ever a divide between the created and the creature, between the divine and the ordinary, the incarnation shattered that divide once and for all.  In many respects, the season of Epiphany is the church’s way of making sense of the miracle of Christmas.

And so, may this season of Epiphany remind us that every baby born is a miracle of God’s divine love.  May this season of Epiphany remind us that every moment of loss and grief is a moment that God suffers with us.  And may this season of Epiphany hold up a mirror to our every day lives to remind us that life itself, warts and all, is God’s great gift of love for us to experience in all its fullness.