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The Cooperative

The cooperative is a project in public collaboration in the spirit of public philosophy and theology. We exist to make space for dialogue from all and any members of the public and for sake of the public good. By bringing unexpected conversation partners together, we’re aiming for genuine collaboration and real social outcomes. We do this by thinking beyond our usual patterns of work, life, and professional specialties – across faiths, across community groups and services, and across professional and academic disciplines.

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Janice McRandal

Dr Janice McRandal
Director, the cooperative

Janice McRandal is a feminist theologian who works with critical theory to explore themes of systematic theology alongside politics and popular culture. Having worked in theological education for over a decade, Janice brings a wealth of experience in research and leadership. Along with her academic writing and research supervision, Janice provides oversight for the cooperative, developing a space for a broad and interdisciplinary public theology throughout the cooperative's programs and research streams.

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