Month: November 2016


Where is God when it hurts?

Life can be hard sometimes.  Really hard.  It seems that all too often our news feeds are filled with stories of violence and greed, deep sorrow and natural disasters.  In recent times we have been inundated with tragic accounts from the Royal Commission into childhood sexual abuses in institutional care, press releases from war correspondents […]


James: True Religion

A reflection on our next sermon series James is one of my favourite New Testament books.  It is also surely one of the most controversial.  The Protestant Reformer, Martin Luther, famously referred to it as the ‘Epistle of straw’, because at some points it seems to contradict the Apostle Paul’s emphasis on ‘faith alone’ as […]


Bread of Heaven

During the month of August our church community will be journeying through John Chapter Six and Pau’s letter to the Ephesians.  Our new series is called ‘Bread of Heaven’.  In reading these ancient texts, one thing becomes very clear, the unity of the Body of Christ has always been a major emphasis in the teaching […]